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Equanimity of Mind

Everything's Good may be mistaken as a pursuit of happiness or a feeling outside reality... but alas I too had to learn it was not about this.

Instead, Everything's Good actually stands for practicing equanimity - the way of "riding the storm" of life; embodying calamity, seeing clearly, and wanting to learn / reduce suffering.

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Everything's Good with...

How we operate

We calculate the lifetime carbon footprint of every product we produce and offset it; as well as offering a lifetime quality guarantee with a collaborative brand/customer mindset

Everything's Good with...

How we produce

We source "Better Cotton Initiative" approved apparel; and print locally on-demand in Australia with vegan, water-based inks to minimise environmental footprint; with no over-stock or wasted stock. Your item is made just for you, in 1-3 business days; see it as your part to play in saving us all from fast fashion!

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EG in Spain

From serendipity to creation

Everything's Good Starts Creating

After coming across the phrase after a drive home after a good days' surfing, two best matess decided to make more of their conversation which after much discussion could be summarised by the phrase "Everything's Good" - sparking a curiousity to make more of that good vibe.

A day that changed everything...

Serendipitous Creation

As two close mates headed back from the beach, a conversation about how life was going culminated in the resolution "Everything's Good"; whilst simultaneously Danny was seeking to start a business to find fulfilling work [however he had no idea what would follow]. In true flow, Mitch (after a recent trip to Vietnam where he created a custom hat that he loved) sparked the idea to make hats... and easy as that the two mates started designing unique hats they wanted to wear and share that had an original style.

The customer feedback

Time To Make Tees

After starting with hats and having great success, we received a lot of feedback from customers asking us to give a go at making tees and curated a small but spicy range of to-this-day classics.

Customer-centricity led to our first ever market selling tees, which was a sell out event! Cheers to Newtown Festival!

Team photographers also took a notable trips to New Zealand and Spain, shooting incredible footage and living the ethos of exploration and friendship.

Branching out...

Longsleeves Come To Life

We introduced our first winter range and found our way into sleeve prints, new designs and a continued humour. Spirits were high, and the brand was smooth sailing...

Our team of ambassadors grew and we shot content in all sorts of natural settings much to the delight of the founders whom never expected anything more than a red hot go at living the dream.

Our island home...

Australian Theme Released

With a strong connection to our island home of Australia (represented in our logo), the calling to make an Aussie themed range was brought to life through a few true blue classics.

We started including girls in our shoots and established a unisex stance; true to the inclusive attitude underpinning the brand.

Challenges present themselves...

Danny's lived experience

After such a strong start, trying to stay strong with life's circumstances over the years starts to get to Danny; he doesn't know it yet but expansion and re-framing is about to occur. the support of Mitch and everyone in his life helps, but he must be his strongest supporter, and goes on a "self sabbatical" to find a deeper core ethos and play with words - his favourite past-time.

The fork in the road...

Mitch begins his promising career

After graduating with First Class Honours in a Masters of Clinical Psychology, Mitch (the master of the mind) hands over the reigns to Danny after imbuing his perspectives; with Danny now in a better place to both design, communicate and embody the brand message.

The close friends honourably split with confidence; Danny evolving and Mitch staying true to his calling to be a psychologist.

Here's an early picture of the two friends wearing the first ever sample tees... oh the nostalgia!

Takin' care of business

Back On Track

After re-forming production to be both more environmentally friendly and effective at exhibiting the now bursting design bank, Everything's Good returns to business with monthly releases scheduled to keep things fresh. In September, the brand launched "Self-Love September", followed by the Shine Bright Collection.. with a few more tricks up our sleeve for October, November and December this year!

EG in New Zealand